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The name Worlanyo is derived from a Ghanaian Ewe language, which literary means “The maker or creator is great” Who we are: Worlanyo Tours is a Ghana based Travel and Tourism Company co-founded profoundly in 2016 by Mr. Dominic Aziati, a Ghanaian, IATA certified travel Consultant and Tourism expert, with an extensive knowledge and experience in the African Travel and Tourism industry since 2003 and Madam Cynthia Johnson of the United States of America, a humanitarian by profession. We plan travel packages for all levels of travelers, from the budget traveler to the premium traveler. We offer reasonably priced, personalized, reliable, flexible and spontaneous tour packages to destinations in Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Senegal combined, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and other destinations in Africa, specifically tailored to meet your travel wishes and preferences for small and big groups, individuals, families, Companies and Institutions.

Born to a Ghanaian mother and a Togolese father; right from childhood i travel between these countries on several academic vacations. My father being a naturalist who loved nature, would mostly on weekends take the entire family to see one tour site after the other, visiting family connected villages and towns, and their surroundings, meeting and interacting with people of different ethnic cultures, discovering diverse lifestyle and places. On other occassions, he would take us to the beach for a swim and picnic, amidst playing his guitar, singing songs and telling us stories about life and the places he had traveled to, the people he had met on his travels and how it had influenced positively his perception about other people and thier cultures and his personal decision making in general. i mostly found myself with him during some of his cross country journeys to Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Mali and Niger. based on his stories, travel experiences and my own personal experience and the ideology to explore to get to know the world around me, both near and far, inspired me to become a professional travel consultant, so i can share my travel experience about Ghana and Wesg Africa in particular, with others. My team and I are here to encourage all travelers and potential travelers out there to escape their world to discover other places on the planet, none other than Ghana and West Africa, to enrich their minds and reach their travel dreams.

My team an i are here to help you plan your trip to any destination in Ghana and West Africa, based on your own personal travel interests to meet your budget.

we have been partnered by IsaacTours, Ollami in Jerusalem - Israel, Bookallsafaris - Tripaneer in Netherlands, a travel company in the Caribbean and USA, Safarisource in South Africa, TragopanTours in Bhutan, Asia, Istanbulincomingtours in Turkey, Europe.

We are the prefered tour compnay for most individual travelers and group tour planners and host for institutions from the Caribbean, USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

Explore Ghana and West Africa with Worlanyo Tours for an evolutionary travel exposure.

Experience the heart of West Africa through usWest Africa offers great variety of History, traditional cultures that are still unexploited, as well as a unique wild-life experience such as a walking safari to “encounter” the world of animals as to spotting Elephants, several types of antelopes and monkeys, buffalos, warthogs, turtles nesting islands, endemic species like the unique salt water hippos, the rarely seen African Manatees and a host of other species. A professionally organized flexible tailor-made tours in West Africa is a life time experience that transmits a unique adventure and the pleasure of personal exposure to nature and ethnography respectively. Travelling with us falls in comparison to being part of a West African centered National Geographic documentary.


Ghana and West Africa tours made affordable, reliable, safe and memorable. Discover and experience the sublimation of nature’s gift bestowed on Ghana and West Africa, by finding yourself in sync with an enviable lifetime travel experience with Worlanyo Tours. Tell your stories and share your experiences through us. Tour operator of choice in Ghana and West Africa with ample specialities in flexibly customized, best and low price tour packages to meet every budget, based on diverse adventure trails, wildlife, flora and fauna, nature parks, Arts and craft, meeting people, exposure to lifestyle and festivals, symbolizing the existence and vibrance of pristine rich culture heritage (Ethnographic experience at its best). We also specialize in drumming and dancing workshops, Culinary lessons on preparation of local dishes and cultural immersion (rural life experience) in villages with a host family.
Best hotel and car rental deals available, covering all destinations in Ghana and West Africa – for cheap tour price guarantee.

  • -Doing the right thing

  • -think global and act local

  • -Stakeholders in our own success

  • -Thriving on new ideas and embracing change

  • -It’s engrained into who we are and what we do

  • -We are inspired by the work we do and the trips we offer

Explore Nsawam and the Eastern Region of Ghana

Nsawam is a home to Worlanyo Tours and one of the best eco-tourism destinations in Ghana; a town endowed with rich culture heritage and nature's wonders; with lush green rolling vegetation surrounding the Akwapim chain of mountains offering a unique panoramic view and waterfalls; a recommended location for hikers and nature lovers.

Located in southern Ghana and is the capital of the Akwapim South Municipal District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The main ethnic group is Akan, followed by Ga and then Ewe. The Town has a settlement ppulation of 44,522 people. Nsawam is situated on a main railway and highway to Kumasi; It has a major river known as the river Densu, acting as a border between itself and Adoagyir. The river is the main source of watr for both domestic and industrial purposes for people in and around Nsawam.

Some of the tourist attraction sites in Nsawam are: Ahodwo Kesse Waterfalls, Otoase Forest Monkey Santuary, Mount Koran, The ancestral home of the Queen of Otoase, which has an underground chamber, where gold used to be stored, ages ago.
Explore Nsawam and the Eastern Region of Ghana with Worlanyo Tours.

Weep Not Child Foundation is an orphanage which was founded in 2006 by Mrs. Comfort Abandewor.

The Foundation is located in Ahwerease –Darmang, a village in the city Nsawam – Aburi constituency of eastern region of Ghana. The village is fifteen kilometers away from the town Nsawam. Today the home hosts twenty-seven orphans.

Weep Not Child Foundation was first not only into taking care of orphans but it was also formed to help eliminate poverty within the rural communities, educate girls and also to make sure that the children can go to school

Plan a visit to this Orphanage with us.
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Nsawam Forest


Ahodwo Kesse Waterfall


Mount Koran


Ancestral Home of Ntoase


The most common type of tour WorlanyoTours organises are our Roundtrips. In a Roundtrip you will discover one or more countries or areas with our guides and you will visit various destinations..

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Themed Tours

If you are interested in exploring a specific aspect, we can organise a Themed Tour. For example you could decide to go on a Heritage Tour which predominantly focusses on the slave trade history.

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Outdoor Adventures

If you are interested in nature, hiking and camping, and have your days full of bustling activities, our Adventures will be a suitable choice. We offer several three-to-seven day adventurous programmes in exciting locations.

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Cultural Immersions

To gain a more in-depth experience of local village life, we offer Cultural Immersions, whereby you will be part of a local community and participate in daily activities of the villagers. Your days are flexible and the experiences are characterized by serendipity.

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Large group tours

We also have extensive experience in organising tours for large groups, often as local tour operator for travel agents abroad. We have experience in organising Roundtrips as well as Cultural Immersion programmes for group ranging from 10 to 50 people.

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Sustainable Tourism

By offering adventure-craving travellers an alternative to the resorts, cruises and motorcoach tours they were accustomed to, we do not only changed the way people looked at their holiday time, but chang the face of travel forever.

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Our programs are led by those who speak the local languages, know the culture and understand the unique features of each community. Their hard work and personal commitment to success helps lift their neighbors from poverty.

Mr. Dominic Aziati


Cynthia Johnson

Projects & Humanitarian Services Coordinator

Alex Mawuli Adablah


Jerry Peters

Worlanyo Tours Europe Representative in Denmark

Muniru Kobilla

English Tour Guide

Nelson Daasebre

English, French and Spanish Tour Guide

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